The methodology is based on the creation of a common “database” with useful data and information which are exploited in:
  • Analysis of wider environment (politic, financial, and social) of the perspective programs in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Latvia and Portugal.
  • Analysis for the management system of the programs in the above countries.
  • Conclusion from the results, any obstacle and the ways which these obstacles were confronted.
  • Techno – economic evaluations in RES – Energy Efficiency projects in each country.
  • Comparative evaluations between the chosen projects as well as between projects in the Greek program.
In the above scope, the methodological approach consists of 2 (two) phases as they are presented below.

Phase I  - Social and Financial Analysis of the Related Programs of EEA Grants 2009-2014

Phase II -Technical Evaluation of Two Chosen Projects for RES and Energy Effieciency.