Activity Α: Study and analysis of social – financial – aspects of perspective (with GR03) programs in EEA Grants (for each country Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Latvia and Portugal). This is lead to conclusion regarding the necessity of such programs, their results in relation to financial environment of operation, the effectiveness in their management, any obstacles and their way to confront them.
Activity Β: Techno – economic evaluation of two (2) chosen projects in every one of six (6) countries (results, promotion, social acceptance etc.). The selected projects are in accordance with similar projects which have been implemented in the GR03. The evaluation is performed with the development of appropriate methodology and takes into consideration data which are come up from activity A.
Activity C: Analysis, collection, process and study of all data which comes up from the above activities. This is lead to development and operation of the Integrated web based application which offers the presentative, methodological, modern presentation of target, implementation methods, real project data and actions which have been implemented in relevant programs in seven countries (including Greece).
Activity D: The organization of an event where the results of the above activities are presented and the exchange know – how are enhanced between Program Operators of EEA Grants 2009-14 in RES and Energy Efficiency Programs.