Category Indicator Data
1GeneralTotal Financing 2009-201457.950.000€
2GeneralEEA Grants57.950.000€
3Norway Grants0€
4GeneralΕΕΑ Grants for RES-Energy Efficiency4.000.000€
5RESEEA for RES Program 4.000.000€
6RESProgram OperatorEDA – Electricidade dos Açores, S.A.
7RESCategories Interventions* Increase electricity produced from geothermy
* Εducation of the local community on the geothermy.
8RESProgram website
9RESNumber of Projects4
10RESBasic Technologies Promoted*Pilot geothermal power station on Terceira Island of 3 MWe capacity
11RESResults*PA-06's contribution to promoting green energy development is highly satisfactory. Education and training programs for geothermy were conducted under the PA06 project, aiming at the scientific and technological development and the know-how of the local community about the geothermal energy.
12Energy EfficiencyEEA for Energy Efficiency Program -
13Energy EfficiencyProgram Operator-
14Energy EfficiencyCategories Interventions-
15Energy EfficiencyProgram website-
16Energy EfficiencyNumber of Projects-
17Energy EfficiencyBasic technology promoted-
18Energy EfficiencyResults-