Category Indicator Data
1RES/Energy EfficiencyEEA for RES Program4.624.998€
2RES/Energy EfficiencyProgram OperatorMinistry of the Environmental Protection and Regional Development
3RES/Energy EfficiencyCategories Interventions* Implementation of energy efficiency measures and installation of renewable energy technologies by building low energy buildings, as well as reconstructing the existent buildings;
* Use of renewable energy technologies in the production of thermal energy and electricity;
* Creation, testing and demonstration of an innovative product or technology, as well as improvement, testing and demonstration of the existent technology for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
4RES/Energy EfficiencyProgram website
5RES/Energy EfficiencyNumber of Projects7
6RES/Energy EfficiencyBasic Technologies PromotedMeasures for improvemnt of energy efficiency of buildings and Low energy consumption of buildings using RES
7RES/Energy EfficiencyResultsProgram's contribution to promoting green energy development is highly satisfactory. In addition, awareness campaigns and training programs were carried out for professionals, local authorities, educators and students to acquire knowledge and attitudes about climate issues, aiming at green growth.