Category Indicator Data
1GeneralTotal Financing 2009-2014153.300.000€
2GeneralEEA Grants70.100.000€
3GeneralNorway Grants83.200.000€
4GeneralΕΕΑ Grants for RES-Energy Efficiency8.669.749€
5RESEEA for RES Program 2.168.741€
6RESProgram OperatorMinistry of National Development, Department for Green Economy Development
7RESCategories Interventions* Implementation of geothermal systems in existing district heating systems.
* Enhancing energy consciousness, RES education and awareness campaigns.
8RESProgram website
9RESNumber of Projects5
10RESBasic Technologies Promoted* District heating projects using geothermy to replace fossil fuels
11RESResults*HU-03's contribution to promoting green energy development is highly satisfactory. Program supports projects that improve energy efficiency in public schools and raise awareness and education on climate change and energy efficiency issues.
12Energy EfficiencyEEA for Energy Efficiency Program 6.501.008€
13Energy EfficiencyProgram OperatorMinistry of National Development, Department for Green Economy Development
14Energy EfficiencyCategories Interventions* Improving energy efficiency in training buildings.
* Raising awareness and education on energy efficiency issues.
15Energy EfficiencyProgram website
16Energy EfficiencyNumber of Projects8
17Energy EfficiencyBasic technology promoted* Energy efficiency of buildings technologies
* Solar panels
18Energy EfficiencyResults* The programs HU-02 and HU-03 are strongly linked to European policies and priorities, but also to the 20-20-20 targets, which will be the main axes of the sectoral policy of the programming period (2014-2020).