Category Indicator Data
1GeneralInflation (2016)-0,2%
2GeneralUnemployment (2016)7,20%
3GeneralGrowth indicators (2016)20
4GeneralTaxes*Corporate Tax 19%
5RESFeed- In Tariff - FITElectricity from renewable sources is promoted through tenders to determine the level of support for a feed-in tariff or premium, tax relief, subsidy schemes and loans. Heat produced from renewable energy sources is supported through three grant schemes and a loan program. Renewable energy in transport is promoted through biofuel quotas.
6RESBanksThe European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has organized funding for the Banie Wind Farm in northwest Poland with Alior Bank and BOS Bank.
7Energy efficiencyESCOs* Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) can provide a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings and energy efficiency projects, power and heat generation and energy supply. ESCOs can offer own financing or structure third-party financing. ESCOs are often paid for their services from potential energy savings, but other service arrangements also possible.
* ESCO Corporation; ESCO International; Esco Technologies Inc; green Growth energy services; IGW Srl; vireo energy financial services; Lubretec bvba; AQYLON; Fourdeg; (ESTA); GPEKS; GEO-ENERGY services; the teams group; Benet Ltd.; Clearpower Ltd.; Asia Carbon Global; Sweco Nederland BV; Osborne Energy Limited; Convert Italia SpA; G2 energy; Fenice Spa; Group EDF; GEOMET Technologies, LLC ; Carbon Credentials; Vacco; Eagle Filters Ltd.; Crowley Engineering; Enemona JSC; Dulas Ltd.
8Energy efficiencyBanksPolREFF (Polish Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility) is the financial facility for financing energy efficiency in Poland. It was launched and developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). It is supported by the EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund of TaiwanBusiness and the EBRD Special Fund that finances the Program Technical Assistance.