Category Indicator Data
1GeneralInflation (2016)0,4%
2GeneralUnemployment (2016)6,40%
3GeneralGrowth indicators (2016)24
4GeneralTaxesCorporate Tax 10-19%
5RESFeed- In Tariff - FITRES Feed In Tarrifs - duration of support (HUF/MWh):
* Solar PV 50kW-20 MW: 32,49,
* RES expect for hydros and solar: PVs 0-20 MW: 36,30
* Wind 20-50 MW: 36,30
* RES expect hydros and wind 20-50 MW: 29,04
* Hydros 5-50 MW: 22,58
* Waste: 34,05.
6RESBanks* The RES industry could help mitigate the adverse effects of the economic crisis and create jobs that are sustainable in the long run, especially in rural areas, through the creation of new production facilities, through the industry (manufacturing and assembly), and through (Green) public employment programs.
* With favorable regulations and measures, Hungary could create a green industry and turn it from an importer to a green technology export.
7Energy efficiencyESCOs* Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) can provide a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings and energy efficiency projects, power and heat generation and energy supply. ESCOs can offer own financing or structure third-party financing. ESCOs are often paid for their services from potential energy savings, but other service arrangements also possible.
* ESCO Corporation; ESCO International; Esco Technologies Inc; green Growth energy services; IGW Srl; vireo energy financial services; Lubretec bvba; AQYLON; Fourdeg; (ESTA); GPEKS; GEO-ENERGY services; the teams group; Benet Ltd.; Clearpower Ltd.; Asia Carbon Global; Sweco Nederland BV; Osborne Energy Limited; Convert Italia SpA; G2 energy; Fenice Spa; Group EDF; GEOMET Technologies, LLC; Carbon Credentials; Vacco; Eagle Filters Ltd.; Crowley Engineering; Enemona JSC; Dulas Ltd.
8Energy efficiencyBanksIn cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Erste Bank Hungary introduces a loan facility to stimulate energy efficiency projects in Hungarian municipalities. Areas of green employment are:
* Complex Combination of Energy Building Upgrading and RES
* Support for start-ups of green businesses that have become green with change in their activities
* Support for job creation associated with green investments
* Launch a Green Public Employment Program
* Support for jobs creation in the context of setting up an energy consulting network.